To supply or brighten with light, to make lucid or clear, to decorate with lights, as in celebration, to enlighten, as with knowledge.

If you want to feel freedom and live with courage, if you want to boost your energy, amplify joy, radiate light, rock your body and love like crazy; Illuminate Yoga is the studio for you.

Welcome to Illuminate Yoga. I’m Amanda Vella and I established Illuminate Yoga in 2010.

The dream was to create an empowered community dedicated to practices of self-awarenss and transformation and it thrills me to see this dream come to life.

There was a lot going on for me when I first discovered yoga. I had always lived with anxiety and depression and I was in the midst of a major life transition. I signed up for a beginner’s course hoping yoga would relieve my stress and deliver me inner peace.

I’ll never forget how I felt when I lay down at the end of my first class. I had connected to a source of power within me for the very first time and I found the strength and courage I so needed.

That was over a decade ago and yoga still makes my life better every day.

I’ve lived in this community forever and I wanted to create a space where people could come together to learn, grow, share and celebrate.

Illuminate pulsates with my commitment to helping you discover your strength, truth and radiance. I don’t believe there is a more empowering practice than yoga for achieving that.

The studio started out as a one-woman show with four classes a week in a shared business location. We’ve since moved to a custom-built studio with 25 classes over seven days a week. We have a lineup of outstanding teachers and we host leading local and international teachers.

Maybe you’re interested in trying yoga because your doctor suggested it or you made a resolution to embrace health and wellness.

Maybe you’re tired of living with stress, anxiety and heartache.

Maybe you just want a nice, firm butt and the ability to touch your toes!

Whatever it is, our yoga will transform you.

It’ll make you fit, strong and flexible. It’ll calm your mind and open your heart to whatever comes your way in life.

You’ll start operating on a higher frequency than you’ve ever known and you will feel, think and act from a place of true power.

Sure, life will still have its ups and downs.

The difference will be your inner luminosity.

Amanda xo